Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 thaw Ride Results

We had a Real Thaw this year and on the scheduled date The cold weather early in the week broke the night before the ride and and the temps came up to a manageable 30. This years surprise was we
3 times more people in the 15 miler than the 25 mile ride.

January Thaw Ride/Drive Results

Champion:               Robin Groves & UVM Worthy
Reserve Champion: Wilson Groves & Marty

Champion:               Wendy Bejarano & Ziggy
Reserve Champion: Jenny Kimberly & Marshal
1st:                           Erin Lowe & Callie

15 Mile CDR
Jr: Gail Morse & TD Shadow Dancer
Ruth Ferland & Bie-Kin
Christina Phillips & SHG Jonas
Jennifer Ehler & RG Black Fletcher
Chip Kendall & Burt
Anne Marie Savino & Annie
Marlene Bottesi & Dixie Dee
Roxanne Winslow & Ali Kazem
Liz Tallberg

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