Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 thaw Ride Results

We had a Real Thaw this year and on the scheduled date The cold weather early in the week broke the night before the ride and and the temps came up to a manageable 30. This years surprise was we
3 times more people in the 15 miler than the 25 mile ride.

January Thaw Ride/Drive Results

Champion:               Robin Groves & UVM Worthy
Reserve Champion: Wilson Groves & Marty

Champion:               Wendy Bejarano & Ziggy
Reserve Champion: Jenny Kimberly & Marshal
1st:                           Erin Lowe & Callie

15 Mile CDR
Jr: Gail Morse & TD Shadow Dancer
Ruth Ferland & Bie-Kin
Christina Phillips & SHG Jonas
Jennifer Ehler & RG Black Fletcher
Chip Kendall & Burt
Anne Marie Savino & Annie
Marlene Bottesi & Dixie Dee
Roxanne Winslow & Ali Kazem
Liz Tallberg

2012 Year End Awards

2012 VERDA members
top VERDA finisher(s) in each ride

January Thaw                      Courtney Walker
                                            Connie Walker
January Thaw Drive            Robin Groves
GMHA Mud Ride               Alice Bradeen
GMA Mud Drive                Connie Walker
Brown Bag                          Deb Fisk
Bare Bones                          Courtney Walker
GMHA June 25 Ride          Deb Fisk
GMHA June 25 Drive       Jenny Kimberly
GMHA July 25 Sat. Ride   Ray Johnson
GMHA July 25 Sat Drive  Wilson Groves
GMHA July 25 Sun Ride   Nancy Okun
GMHA July 25 Sun Drive Wilson Groves
GMHA 2 day 50 Ride        Gene Limlaw
GMHA 2 day 50 Drive      Jenny Kimberly
VT 100 Endurance            Christina Phillips
Moonlight in VT 50          Gene Limlaw
VERDA 100 Drive           Robin Groves
VERDA 40 Drive            Wilson Groves
VERDA 40 Ride              Deb Fisk
VERDA 35 Drive            Wilson Groves
VERDA 35 Ride              Carrie Tenney
VERDA 25 Drive            Larry Smith
VERDA 25 Ride              Deb Fisk
GMHA 3 day 100            Marlene Bottesi
GMHA 2 day 60              Rhonda Batchelder
GMHA 40                       Anne Marie Savino
Warren Tessier                Carol Metayer
GMHA 50                       Deb Fisk
GMHA LD                     Wendy Bejarano
VERDA 30 Ride            Christina Phillips
VERDA 30 Drive          Robin Groves


Champion Wilson Groves
Reserve Champion Robin Groves
1st Doug Bejarano
2nd Clark Tharrett
3rd Jenny Kimberly
4th Lorraine Thurber
5th Larry Smith
6th Scott Monahan

Champion Deb Fisk
Reserve Champion Anne Marie Savino
1st Christina Phillips
2nd Steve Rojek
3rd Rhonda Batchelder
4th Gene Limlaw
5th Courtney Walker
6th Carrie Tenney
7th Carol Metayer
8th Heather Hoyns
9th Suzette Fegan
10th Ray Johnson

Champion                        Leah Titus
Reserve Champion          Olivia Turney

High Mileage Rider        Christina Phillips
High Mileage Drive        Wilson Groves
High Point Morgan         Little Acre Prince Andrew
High Point Arab              DB Prophet
High Point ½ Arab         Zainal
High Point Grade           Dixie Dee