Sunday, October 4, 2009

100/60/25 Drive and The Ride Along results

Managers Ellen Tully and Gaynor Coassin did a great job on this HOT ride and drive
We saw more drivers this year then in the past with 4 in the 100 and 3 in the 25.
The 35 mile ride along was also popular with 18 riders. Unfortunately we had some trail marker issues and a bunch of riders got lost. All in all it was a great weekend and a wonderful spread of
food by Polly Smith. Maybe next year we can double the drivers and keep everyone on the trail.

Hundred Mile Drive:
GC Paul Kendall Spring Thyme
RC Dan Boyer SLF Painted EZ
1 John Baldwin Dyeberry Bethany
DNF Jenny Kimberly Dixie Dee

Twenty-five Mile Drive:
GC Doug Bejarano Mecca Bay
RC Robin Groves
1 Jeff Gardener

35 Mile Ride-Along
GC Ann Raynor Advocate NTF
RC Heather Vecchio Sheba's Knight Dancer
1 Lindsay Robbins Amata's Khadiana
2 Marlene Bottesi Omar's Montana
3 Steve Rojek Francesca .
4 Sue Greenall XerXes
5 Leslie Brooks Silver Britches "Keeper"
6 Wilson Ring Craggy Lea Jazzy Lady
7 Lee Alexander Bedrock's Handsome Fella
8 Deb Fisk Quinszy
9 Ray Johnson WBA Chanceful
10 Allen Welles Braeden
11 Leanne Soule Paul's Major
DNF Jean Audet Walour
DNF Peg Dockham Attala
DNF Lori Allen Bask Tai Yin
DNF Bonnie Hurton Kodak Moment
DNF Carol Barnacle Zephyr
DNF Joyce Dolan Laila
DNF Michael Germane Fireman

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brown Bag Photos 2009

The start of the 2009 Bronw Bag

Timers and Judges

Pictures from Dan Boyer while judging

Brown Bag 2009

The Brown Bag / Bare Bones weekend is becoming the Jewel in VERDA’s crown! The rides just keep getting better! This year we added a Limited Distance endurance of 30 miles to the Bare Bone Sunday endurance ride. That may have taken some riders away from the Bare Bones. However we did have 23 entries and 19 starters. Hopefully next year people will come do both rides. The Cornish Fair Grounds provides us with unlimited dry parking, camper plug ins, stalls and a judging ring. The Granthum Rough Riders let us use the cook shack and Maggie the famous 4-H chef volunteered to cook for us. Another great change was great weather. Can you believe it only rained for a few minutes, OK it poured for a little while over night! But no one rode in the rain and no one got hit by the flying pop up tents! (Yes they did fly!) It was perfect Morgan weather!
Dr Ferris Gorra and Dan Boyer Judged the 19 riders in the Brown Bag CTR. 12 horses were vetted in Friday night. So with only 7 to judge in the morning we got an early start. Ruth Ferland’s horse Red wanted to stay home that weekend so we put Ruth on Doug’s horse Mecca and she led the ride with extra trail markers in her saddle! Good thing she carried a cell phone. Ruth ran out of new markers at the 5 to go and called Wendy with the news that the trail markers had been torn down including the mileage markers. Wendy and John Ferland quickly drove up the trail to get everyone in! Mrs. Bulkeley greeted riders with cookies while riders let their horses enjoy her pond. The Halfway hold was on an open hill side with incredible views and knee deep in grass. It was so nice to see some rookies out there along with old friends .Sue Greenall and Deb Fisk both got perfect scores of 100. Maybe they will share the toilet seat! If you don’t know what that means you got to enter the ride next year!

Grand Champion Sue Greenall
Reserve Champion Deb Fisk

Light Weight
1st Heather Hoyns
2nd JoAnne Lasher
3rd Lorraine Thurber
4th Sherilyn McKay
5th Ruth Ferland

Medium Weight
1st Elaine Larson
2nd Peg Dockham
3rd Ray Johnson
4th Vickie Smith
5th Stina Kutzer

Heavy Weight
1st Gene Limlaw
2nd Wilson Ring
3rd Bill Lasher
4th Celeste Brown
5th Irvondra Boyce-el
6th Jessica Deer
7th Lynn Dunn

Best Arab Nick of Tyme ridden by Deb Fisk
Best Morgan DJJJ star’s Ace ridden by Celeste Brown
Top Rookie Sherilyn McKay ridding Joker

Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to VERDA

Welcome to the on line newsletter for VERDA, the Vermont Equine Riding and Driving Association.

In an effort to go green, we will keep you abreast of event news, special information, present articles of interest and more here, as an extension of our new web site,

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VERDA is open to all interested in being a part of the wonderful world of horses and we invite you to browse our web site, download our membership application and join us for a ride or drive.

Welcome to VERDA, we hope to see you again soon.