Sunday, October 4, 2009

100/60/25 Drive and The Ride Along results

Managers Ellen Tully and Gaynor Coassin did a great job on this HOT ride and drive
We saw more drivers this year then in the past with 4 in the 100 and 3 in the 25.
The 35 mile ride along was also popular with 18 riders. Unfortunately we had some trail marker issues and a bunch of riders got lost. All in all it was a great weekend and a wonderful spread of
food by Polly Smith. Maybe next year we can double the drivers and keep everyone on the trail.

Hundred Mile Drive:
GC Paul Kendall Spring Thyme
RC Dan Boyer SLF Painted EZ
1 John Baldwin Dyeberry Bethany
DNF Jenny Kimberly Dixie Dee

Twenty-five Mile Drive:
GC Doug Bejarano Mecca Bay
RC Robin Groves
1 Jeff Gardener

35 Mile Ride-Along
GC Ann Raynor Advocate NTF
RC Heather Vecchio Sheba's Knight Dancer
1 Lindsay Robbins Amata's Khadiana
2 Marlene Bottesi Omar's Montana
3 Steve Rojek Francesca .
4 Sue Greenall XerXes
5 Leslie Brooks Silver Britches "Keeper"
6 Wilson Ring Craggy Lea Jazzy Lady
7 Lee Alexander Bedrock's Handsome Fella
8 Deb Fisk Quinszy
9 Ray Johnson WBA Chanceful
10 Allen Welles Braeden
11 Leanne Soule Paul's Major
DNF Jean Audet Walour
DNF Peg Dockham Attala
DNF Lori Allen Bask Tai Yin
DNF Bonnie Hurton Kodak Moment
DNF Carol Barnacle Zephyr
DNF Joyce Dolan Laila
DNF Michael Germane Fireman