Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Changes for 2014

Juniors ride for $10.00 per day!
 This ride special for 2014 means any junior can enter out 15 mile or 25 mile CTR rides or a 30 or 50 mile endurance for only $10 bucks. Do a two day ride for $20.00 and the 3 day 100 for $30.00 !!!

Horse mileage program ends! 
 Our Data base for horse mileage has disappeared in to cyber space. We have had many discussions trying to see if we can bring it back but technology wise and personnel to do it is just an impossible task for our club. If you have signed up this year for mileage you will be refunded. As a consolation any horse a member rides will automatically gain points for the year for the year end high point breed award. You no longer have to registrar the horses you plan to ride. VERDA will be giving awards for Arab, Half Arab, Morgan and Grade.