Monday, May 14, 2018

Robin and Wilson Groves Article

All of us have been lucky to run across Robin and Wilson Grove.
Most of us have competed with Robin and Wilson. 
Many of us have taken lessons with Robin and Wilson.
Some of us have even had horses trained by them. 
I believe the term is " my horse has been Groverized " !
Here is a great article about the great duo.

Douglas Bejarano

Who is looking at our web site ?

Good afternoon! I wanted to send VERDA some positive feedback- I was teaching an environmental science lesson to some elementary students this past weekend, and when they were doing a natural resource webquest they ended up on your webpage (this page here They thought I should tell you we were using the land conservation links there and found some great information so thanks :) we enjoyed learning about horse riding as well!

The kids also decided it would be nice of us to return the favor, so I had them pick out a good conservation page for us to share with you!

"Home Science: Backyard Conservation" -
It has lots of great information for kids on conservation so they thought it'd be a helpful link for you to add to the land conservation sites on that page they found... would you be able to? They'd be so proud and I'd love to show them their suggestion :) Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!!

Miss Ainsworth and Lauren, Ashlee, Jordan, and Lane

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Year End Awards for 2017

High Point VERDA Rider attending Vermont rides

January Thaw 25 CTR  Ride       Jenny Kimberly 
                       25 CTR Drive       Robin Groves

Brown Bag    15 CTR                  Sara Lareau 
                       25 CTR                 Rhonda Batchelder

Bare Bones   30 Endurance         Cynthia Seames
                      50 Endurance         Steve Rojek

GMHA Spring 25 CTR               Rhonda Batchelder

GMHA Spring Endurance 
                          25 Mile             Susan Boyer 
                          50 Mile             Dedra Fisk

Moonlight Endurance
                         50 Mile             Haley Abbott
                         75 Mile             Heather Hoyns
                        100 Mile            N A 
                         50 mile            Cathrine Demick
                         day 1 25          Kathy Callen-Rondeau
                         day 2 25          Nancy Gaynor
                         drive 25          Robin Groves

GMHA Distance Days
                        3 day 100       Steve Rojek
                        3 day 75         Sarah MacDonald
                        2 day 60         Nancy Gaynor
                        1 day 40         N A 
                        1 day 35         Haley Abbott
                        1 day 25         Chelsea Bouchard

VERDA Silver Hill CTR 25 Susan Boyer 

Warren Tessier 30 CTR        Debra Fisk

GMHA fall Endurance 
                         30 Mile        Kat Waters
                         50 Mile        Debra Fisk 
Kedron Fall Foliage 30
                        Ride             Rhonda Batchelder 
                        Drive           Wilson Grove 

High Score Rider               Debra Fisk 
             2nd                        Rhonda Batchelder 
             3rd                        Susan Boyer 
             4th                        Steven Rojek 
             5th                        Kat Waters 
             6th                        Catherine Demick
             7th tie                   Susan Boyer 
             7th tie                   Suzette Fagan
             9th                        Nancy Barci

High Mileage Rider           Debra Fisk 
             2nd                        Rhonda Batchelder 
             3rd                        Steven Rojek 
             4th                        Kat Waters 
             5th                        Catherine Demick
             6th tie                   Susan Boyer 
             6th tie                   Suzette Fagan
             8th                        Marlene Bottesi
             9th tie                  Anne Marie Savino
             9th  tie                 Sarah MacDonald

High point Horse               DB Prophet
             2nd                        Steelpiece One Night only 
             3rd                        Texas Sonset
             4th                        High Brook Quintessential
             5th                        SB Socrates
             6th                        Psynammon's Reilly 
             7th                        Tupelo Ace
             8th                        Dioner 
             9th                        Daystar Bentley

High Point Driver             Robin Groves 
           2nd                         Wilson Groves 
           3rd                          Jenny Kimberly 

High Point Junior             Haley Abbott 
         2nd                          Olivia Turney 

High Point Arab              DB Prophet owner Deb Fisk 
High Point 1/2 Arab        Texas Sonset  owner Catherine Demick 
High Point Morgan          Steelpeice One Night Only owner Rhonda Batchelder 
High Point Grade             Dioner owner Sarah MacDonald