Wednesday, May 25, 2011

March Madness

We held the March Madness ride and drive to make up for the canceled January Thaw. It still looked like a January thaw with 4 foot snow banks, 2 feet of snow in the fields, but boy did we have mud! Many sections of road were almost impassible. Doug and Allen came close to sinking the water while Judges Dr Lisa Hanelt and Linda Glock looked for solid ground to observe the horses. Greenalls found us a great almost dry spot for the halfway hold. We had 10 horses start and 9 finish. 4 from Wendy Bejarano's barn plus Jeff Gardner stayed at Wendy's too!

G.C. Wendy Bejarano on Biekin
Res. Connie Walker on VSC Otis
1 Gene Limlaw on Toby Bartlet's Windrush First Call
2 Ruth Ferland on Wendy's Zambisy's Red Comet
3 Jenny Kimberly on Dixie Dee
4 Joy Axten on Wendy's Jake
5 Yarrow Farnsworth on Wendy's Mecca Bey
6 Jeff Gardner on Gazelle

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You Thank You Thank You

At the last members meeting we presented the VERDA wish list and 3 members stepped right up and filled the list. So at the Brown Bag and Bare Bones rides VERDA will be using these great new toys.
A Big Thanks goes out to :
Lee Alexander who donated 4 new walky talkies
Linda Glock who donated a new ez up shelter
Jenny Kimberly who donated her 250 Gal. sap tank and a 300 gal water trough.
What a great bunch of members we have!