Monday, May 10, 2010

Brown Bag Results

Well it was another cold and wet Brown Bag Ride. We did have 35 riders signed up but 11 of them were scared off by the weather. Some did switch to the Bare Bones LD on the next day. But Sunday proved to be colder in the morning than the 2010 Thaw Ride. Judges Dr Elizabeth Polson and Linda Glock kept warm with lots of corn chowder provided by Maggie in the cook shack. There were plenty of breaks in the rain to judge the ride and we only lost one ez up tent. See you next year in Tunbridge.

Grand Champion Jenny Kimberly on Old Vermont Rebel

Reserve Champion Courtney Walker on Peakabo Street

1st Peg Dockham on becky

1st Melody Blittersdorf on emperic

1st Kristina Phillips on Sir Douglas

2nd Gene Limlaw on Con la Gracia

2nd Rhonda Batchelder on Ashara Billy Alan

2 Ann Marie Sevino on Charlestown Raphael

3 Ray Johnson on WB Chanceful

3 Kathy Demick on Texas Sonet

3 Vicki Smith on Sundance Tatez

4 Esther Fiddes on LBF Hickory Smock

4 Marlen Botessi on Omars Montanna

4 Liz Gesler on Canequin Reach for the stars

5 Abby Bennett on Junesun’s Image

5 Wilson Ring on Cragy Lea Jazzy Lady

5 Melisa Abbot on Kalis

6 Leslie Brooks on Silver Britches

6 Bonnie Hinz on River

6 Cindy Ross on Marie

Jr Grand Champion Casey Thompson on Lutka

Jr Res. Champion Logan Abbot on Calamity Jane

Top Rookie rider Logan Abbot

Top Rookie horse Calamity Jane

High Point Arab Empiric , Melody Blittersdorf

High Point Morgan Old Vermont Rebel, Liz Gesler