Friday, October 29, 2010

Great times at the Eatathon

The 2010 Eatathon was a hit with 33 entries, lots of VERDA members and some new faces. Deb Fisk took us down her trails on her mountain and over to the Icelandic Farm and then back the lush field we parked in. Our Horses had there own Eatathon there! The views were some of the best I have ever seen. At the top of the mountain, with the foilage just past peak, the colors just made you want to sit back, light a fire in the camp site and stair out at southern Vermont . Can't wait to see it in the spring for the Brown Bag and Bare Bones Rides.

Photos available at

Contributors & Volunteers
Martha Fisk stop 1 & 4 (Pastries/donuts,popcorn balls and baking for Deb as well as volunteering at two stops, and then some.
Mary - volunteer in handing goods out with Martha

Ed Reynold - volunteer (stop 2 and lunch stop 3)
Jim Axten - volunteer (stop 2 and lunch stop 3)
and other tasks.

Dinah Rojek - volunteer (stop 2 and lunch stop 3)

Suzette Fegan - volunteer (setup, lunch stop and final stop along with helping everywhere and in between

Everett Briggs - volunteer (trail, setup, lunch, cooking, prepping, clearing up, unmarking, shopping and more)
Award announcer.

Roland Potter- Town Constable, Traffic Control

Laura & Dennis Tatro - 5th stop (Morgan Farm)
Donated food for that stop as well as holding at their farm.
Professional Photographer with access to photos on their site. Laura provided and made two Caution Horse signs for us which I returned to her for future use.

Susan Peters - donated lunch stop field

Mary Lee - volunteer to help at stop #5

Kevin Blakeman - field owner for base camp

Joy Axten as Secretary

Barbara Gerstner as Treasurer

Deb - contributed coffee & compliments supplies, some paper goods, soup, desserts...trail, and host which involves a number of things as well as taking time off from is work to do this ride...whew. But I was left with a lot of smiles so it made it so worthwhile.

I've thanked most and will finish up with a few last minute ones and I think this successfully left everone happy.

Good weather made it all possible.