Thursday, September 8, 2011

After Irene

Windsor County took a bad hit from Irene. Many roads and bridges in the area were washed out. GMHA's C & D barn were undermined and the cross country is covered in mud. They hope to open back up mid September. I haven't heard of any members with any great losses so I hope you are all OK. Ed Renolds did loose his well and told me he saw someones barn float by his kitchen window. Shirley Ouelette's pasture had a lot of mud added to it. Ruth Ferland's horse's made it in to the paper with an aerial shot of them stuck on an island in the middle of her pasture.

Most important is that the VERDA 30 trails are in good shape and will be held on the scheduled date of Sept. 17th. It is easy to get there from I-91. You may need to check on road closing if you are taking back roads to get there.

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