Monday, January 25, 2010

Thaw Ride 2010



Perhaps it was a sign of better luck in 2010 or perhaps it was simply fate---there actually was a January thaw on the weekend that the ride took place!

The combination of excellent weather all fall and moderate weather into the early winter seemed to be just what folks needed to enter the Thaw Ride and Drive this year. We had the largest number of entries in recent memory and perhaps one of the largest Thaw events ever. There were 24 entries—2 drivers and 22 riders! WOW!!

With that number of horses we moved the ride back to the Kedron Stables this year. Many thanks to Paul, Chip and staff for hosting us overnight and throughout the day on Saturday. Trail Masters Robin and Wilson Groves created a terrific route that kept the ride on the sunny side of the neighborhood all day with the chili stop again at Sue and John Greenall’s farm.

Our vetting team of Jeff Oney and Linda Glock kept things moving along so we had everyone on the road before 10:30 a.m. With moderate temperatures (for January) all day there was no problem hanging out in the arena visiting either before or after the ride/drive.

This year brought another “first”. We decided to forgo the awards dinner at the Reading Town Hall. Instead, we set up the pot luck food in the Kedron arena so that everyone could eat while the vet-out process was happening. What an incredible selection of food!!! Paul Kendall again provided a fabulous ham and, as I stated last year, VERDA members are terrific cooks!! No one went hungry on Thaw Ride/Drive day. Of course, the fact that it wasn’t terribly cold made this experiment a success.

Awards were presented in the arena as soon as the results were available so people were able to get on the road before it got too late. Congratulations everyone! (and thank you, Sue).

I would like to thank all of the volunteers who make this event a success year after year. You all have made managing the Thaw Ride/Drive a pleasure. Opening your barns, cooking, shopping and giving up an afternoon or a whole day to help is truly wonderful and is appreciated by everyone.

Thanks too to all of the riders/drivers who came out this year. It was a great day and wonderful to have so many people and horses enjoying the Thaw!!

Happy Winter to all. See you in the Spring!

Janet Mayberry

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